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All things cycling from a family-owned store since 1983. Nathan Jung started the shop with the same basic principles we hold today: honesty, customer-centrism, and solid service and product.



A comfortable bike is a ridden bike.

We believe your bicycle fit is more important than your bike itself. A proper fit is safer, more comfortable, pain-free, faster, and easier to control.

Our bikes come in up to 6 sizes. Then there are the adjustments of the stem, handlebar, seat, seat height, shoe alignment, aerobars, knee alignment, fore-aft sit position, hand position, varus angle, etc.

Nathan is a trained and certified fit technician utilizing the art and science of Specialized Body Geometry (BG). This method is a no-stress assessment and bike adjustment resulting in your bike and your body living in perfect harmony. After a fit riders want to ride even more because the bike agrees with individual needs, synched to naturally collaborate with your body.

We practice active BG fitting only: where the rider is getting the adjustments done while pedaling their bike on a trainer. This gives much more realistic measurements compared to static fitting.

To give you the attention and time you deserve, our fits are by appointment only. We try to be flexible with your schedule.

3D Fit w/Physical Assessment      $195      2.5-3 hrs

Comprehensive, documented, 3-hour exam and fitting. The result is the absolute best fitting bike you've ever had. Includes an assessment of all your health history relating to your riding, flexibility and body measurements, bike settings, cleat adjustments, and insole & foot shim fittings. Choose this if you have specific needs, want to ride harder and further, or want a long-term solution which can match all your bikes to each other.

3D Tri Fit w/Physical Assessment      $225      3-4 hrs

Same as the above 3D fit for Triathlon bikes or road bikes with an aero position with aerobars. More aggressive geometries benefit from extra attention to detail and product choice.

3D Fit w/o Physical Assessment $145 1.5 - 2.0 hrs

Comprehensive, documented, 2-hour fitting including Seat, handlebar, stem, pedal/cleat adjustments, and insole & foot shim fittings.

2D Fit  w/o Physical Assessment   $85      .75-1 hr

Adjustments of your seat, handlebar, and stem positions. The result is a bike properly sized for your height and gives you the riding position you want.


5 Facts about Fits

  • Fit is more important than the bike itself

  • Back pain is usually caused by improper bike length, not height

  • Knee pain is often eliminated with proper shoes

  • Fitting requires trained fitters who are also experienced riders

  • Active fitting gives more accurate results