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All things cycling from a family-owned store since 1983. Nathan Jung started the shop with the same basic principles we hold today: honesty, customer-centrism, and solid service and product.

About our bicycles

One can buy a cheap bike just about anywhere. Why buy one from us?

Our guarantee is real.

Every bike receives 1 year of free adjustments and check overs.

As often as you need it, whenever you need it (helps if we're open though!), and why ever you need it, we'll help.

New bikes have a break-in period. Usually after several rides derailleurs and brakes will loosen up, along with bearings. This is normal and we'll take care of it.

Our assembly work is extraordinary.

Would you buy your car in a box and let Walmart put it together?

Bikes come in boxes, partly disassembled. Removed parts include the handlebar, wheels, seat, pedals, and brake cables.

Most stores just bolt on the seat, handlebar, and wheels. The wheels are sometimes loose , brakes are floppy, and the shifting malfunctions. These stores include kmart and Sports Academy. Consider the safety of you or your family. At this point the vehicle is not ready to trust. 

Some stores will go on to adjust brakes and shifting. Hopefully they will make sure other parts are tight, like the stem, cranks, and brake mounts. These places include Dick's and Sports Authority.

Bicycle shops should go the extra mile and make sure everything is setup and adjusted right. Some don't, resulting in parts wearing too quickly. Brake pads, cables, bearings and rims are common parts needing fixing from poor assembly

What do we do? Every part is checked. Every component is tight.

The frame is checked for alignment and dropouts are corrected. All bearings are adjusted to ensure longevity - hubs, headset and bottom bracket. Brake pads are perfectly centered on the rim. Disc brake rotors are trued. Wheels also trued to a 1mm tolerance. Spokes are tensioned for long wheel life. The list goes on.

You will receive a bike which has our TLC written all over it.

Our bikes fit.

Chances are good you've ridden a bike too small or too big. It hurts your neck, your back, and your bum. Bikes that cause pain aren't fun.

When buying a bike from us, it will be the right size. There's no need to worry about how it feels, because you can test-ride it yourself. We'll share with you our trained experience on proper sizing.

Additional fitting is complimentary! We don't rely on the size of the bike entirely. After purchased, the bike's seat height, angle, and position to the handlebars will be adjusted.

Rider's are happy on our bikes because they fit just right. Not cramped, not stretched out like a giraffe, and comfy on your hands.

Our quality is higher.

You get what you pay for. A $400 bike can easily last many many times longer than a $100 bike.

Over the years we've seen many, many cheap bikes from department stores. It's the same story every time. They simply aren't built with quality parts and materials. Wheels bend, axles break, tires tear, brakes fail. They aren't safe and they don't hold up.

Our customers are happily riding their bikes they purchased 20 years ago. Sure, simple maintenance is required, just like anything. The difference is how much maintenance.