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All things cycling from a family-owned store since 1983. Nathan Jung started the shop with the same basic principles we hold today: honesty, customer-centrism, and solid service and product.

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Improve your ride

Cycling is for the ladies.

Every day we encounter happy female riders. Their bike fits them and builds their confidence. They love riding because they feel safe and in control of their bike.

Sadly, we also meet female riders who are not happy. The cause is almost always improper equipment. Cycling joy is diminished when making a men's bike fit a woman just does not cut it.

What we have found is that comfort and confidence soar when equipment is tailored for the user.

There is so much more to a women's bicycle than merely color. The better the brand, the more changes they will make to their women's lineup. We would like to show you what differences there are between women's and men's equipment.

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The most effective way to make your ride more comfortable and relaxed is to have a proper bike fit. The vast majority of bicycles and equipment out there are not tailored to the female physique.

We chose Specialized bicycles because they recognize that women's bicycles should be built for women's bodies. Keeping this in mind, Specialized goes above and beyond to ensure that women can obtain the best experiences from their rides.

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By shortening crankarm length, creating the frames out of thinner (and lighter!) aluminum, softening suspension, and making other subtle changes to frame geometry, Specialized orients their bikes specifically for females.

All that technical stuff makes women's bikes lighter, fit better, and handle more naturally.

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Women's Clothing & Accessories

We select products designed to fit and feel just right for women. These include: 

  • Jerseys & Athletic Tops
  • Cycling Shorts
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Helmets
  • Hydration Packs
  • and Seats